Neeti Simoes wants to be a helping hand to Kapil Sharma

Neeti Simoes wants to be a helping hand to Kapil Sharma

Things haven’t been all that well on famous comedian Kapil Sharma‘s end. The man has had depression issues which have extensively affected his career as well as personal relationships with people. After several efforts and a brand new show, Kapil doesn’t seem to be making any progress in his personal or professional life.

He recently got into a legal spat with a website editor Vicky Lalwani as well as the producers of his previous show Preeti and Neeti Simoes. His close friends from the TV industry like Bharti Singh, Kiku Sharda and Shilpa Shinde supported him through the fight. And now we have a post by Neeti who’s all too concerned about Kapil’s mental condition.

Even after Kapil’s legal counsel Tanveer filed an FIR against the Simoes sisters for mentally harassing the comedian, it seems like the sisters are wanting to help him out with this tweet.

Neeti wrote, “A Message for u from the heart @KapilSharmaK9 #kapilsharma”

That looks like an honest help that Kapil could take from the Simoes sisters. Now we’re waiting for Kapil to comment on this and how he’d react to this positive message from Neeti wanting to be of some help.

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