‘Baaghi 2’ movie review: Tiger Shroff’s action save the movie

‘Baaghi 2’ movie review: Tiger Shroff’s action save the movie

Directed By: Ahmed Khan
Produced By: Fox Star Studios
Cast: Tiger Shroff, Disha Patani
Duration: 2 hours 24 minutes
Rating: 2.5/5

When it comes to Tiger Shroff, we know he’ll ace it at two things, action and dancing. And he did just that with his role in ‘Baaghi 2‘, which means, the rest of the things in the story goes for a toss.

Tiger plays army man Ranveer Pratap Singh who’s fierce, honest and swift. We the see him getting a call from a troubled Disha Patani who plays Neha in the movie. Neha seeks Ranveer’s help to find her missing daughter. This is the point when the story gets a flashback to the time when Ranveer and Neha were madly in love with each other during college times. Since he still hasn’t fallen out of love with Neha, he decided to help her out.

The story which follows has a lot of action to it, along with a couple of twists to it. Randeep Hooda as LSD, a cop and Manoj Bajpayee as DIG Shergill play a phenomenal part in the film. Also, Tiger’s performance in this one is so much better than all his performances in his previous ones.

Tiger packs some punches and it’s a treat to watch him in such a tough role. He’s given such a competition to other actors with this level of action to a sequence. On one hand where Tiger is very impressive, Disha’s performance is too flat to watch. She’s not too expressive, be it happiness or sorrows.

The first half looks a little abrupt but Tiger saves it during the second half with his co-actors. There’s nothing much to talk about the songs in the movie, since they look too random in between the story.

In a gist, watch ‘Baaghi 2’ only if you’re a Tiger Shroff fan.

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